Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Lizard

This is the first photo that I'm posting on my blog. It was taken in the front yard of my cousin's house in Dallas, Georgia. It was a beautiful day shortly after a small rainfall. I was carefully watching this little guy climb from bush to bush. I can't quite figure out if he was allowing me to take note and follow with a camera. I wonder only because he seemed to pause a few times almost as if he were posing for me. So I had to take full advantage of that opportunity.

If you'd like to purchase a copy of this photo, I use the services of Snapfish for printing. The price for the shots are as follows:

4 X 6 - $5.00
5 X 7 - $7.00
8 X 10 - $10.00
11 X 14 - $15.00
12 X 18 - $25.00
16 X 20 - $35.00
20 X 30 - $45.00

I will have the prints shipped directly to you. You can either pay with check(must clear first), cash or PayPal.

1 comment:

Randa Dian said...

I love this picture! It's perfect. The colors are so vibrant and beautiful. Only in nature can you find such perfection.